Welcome to doge degens!

IRL utility blended with strong MEME GAME

DogeDegens is a real-world enterprise, focused on bringing the degenerate meme culture to the real economy.

$DGN Overview

69,420,000,000 TOTAL SUPPLY
Stealth Launch on DogeSwap with 42,000 WDOGE locked in LP
3.00% - BUY TAX
‍3.00% - SELL TAX
‍1.00% - Transfer TAX
On every transaction, DGN holders will receive 50.00% of the TAX generated
On every transaction, 25.00% of the TAX generated will be locked as liquidity in the DGN/WDOGE pool on DogeSwap

On every transaction, 25.00% of the TAX generated will go towards marketing and project development

Buy/Sell TAX + Revenue

$DGN holders will receive 50% of the tax generated from the on-chain transactions, as well as monthly revenue in the form of $DGN tokens which will be bought back with revenue.
making a living as a dog

Stray Dog Academy

Participate in content generation campaigns around the DogeDegens community to get access to Airdrops, Alpha Groups and our Academy
Access to funding & clients

DogeDegens Brand

Get access to a platform where our team will give out grands and loans for developing small businesses branded as DogeDegens.
woof woof

DogeDegen Ventures into the real world

Be part of the first community-lead venture where landowners and enthusiasts alike will unite to fuel additional utility into our token.  Make sure to follow all stealth content released in order to get access to the DogeDegen Ventures


Marco D.

Founder of dogedegens, responisble for all community growth and irl utility.

cyrill L.

being an ex-kraken dev, cyrill has the know-how and experience in developing crypto-native platfroms from the ground up.

Olleandra h.

Olleandra has worked in b2b and b2c for the last 15 years and leads the community growth

Benjamin S.

Benjamin has worked in Amazon business development and oversees the financials and sustainability of the dgn token

Silvio m.

silvio has graduated from the university of waterloo with computer science. responsible for the back-end & front-end integrations.


• Open Telegram & Twitter
• Stealth Launch $DGN token on DogeSwap
• Hidden community events to enter the Discord
• Launch of IRL and  Digital Marketing campaigns
• Listing on Coingecko
• Listing on Coinmarketcap
• DogeSwap Exchange Listing
• Trend on Twitter-Most traded coin on DogeSwap
• Release Stray Dog Academy
•  Official release of the IPs for the DOGEDEGENS BRAND
• Collaborate with cross community events featuring projects from both web3 and web2